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Girl sex dog
Legend:   A group of friends waiting in the darkness to spring a surprise party on a woman catch her offering herself to her dog with peanut butter smeared on her private parts.

Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, 1994]

  • The woman featured in the legend is often identified as a "co-worker," but some versions describe her as a nurse or a bank clerk (who lives alone or with a female roommate), a soon-to-be-married woman, or a newlywed. Versions in which the woman is said to live alone sometimes mention her particular fondness for her pet dog(s). Teenage girls often show up as the focus of this legend, too, with their school chums or boyfriends finding out their dire secret girl sex dog via the surprise party route.
  • Every now and then, a version starring a man in the central role will appear. These are highly unusual, though — almost without exception, the central figure girl sex dog is a girl or woman.
  • The surprisers usually hide girl sex dog in either the basement or the living room; in the latter case girl sex dog the woman's secret is most often discovered when the surprisers burst into the kitchen. (A few versions have her being discovered in or just outside her bedroom.)
  • The woman calls her dog by name in some versions; the most frequently mentioned names are Lucky, Chief, Kippy, or Skippy. (The last of these names is a double pun, 'Skippy' being girl sex dog the brand name girl of both dog food and peanut butter in the U.S.)
  • The substance the woman smears girl sex dog on herself is nearly always peanut butter, although margarine, whipped cream, marmalade, pate, macaroni, pineapple, and dog food are also mentioned. (An Australian version stars a horse and lump sugar, and another Vegemite.) It is usually spread over the woman's genitalia, but some versions also include the breasts or nipples, or state that the woman is "covered from head to toe."
  • The woman is usually described as having disappeared after the embarrassing incident, by quitting her job, calling off her wedding, selling her house, or moving out of town.
Origins:   The "peanut butter" story is clearly an updating of the much older "Surprise Party" legends in which sexual misbehavior is inadvertently revealed during the course of a well-intended surprise. Since the sexual "sins" of earlier versions (premarital intercourse and adultery) have lost most of their shock value in the last few decades, they have been replaced by the more salacious "perversions" of bestiality and homosexuality in this modern form of this legend. Where older dog sex versions of the legend girl sex dog presented married women who were rebuked for overstepping the bounds of propriety and expressing their sexual desires, this one makes the desires of the modern, unmarried woman seem almost pathetic. The liberated single woman is unable бижутерия guess to either control her sexual urges or find a suitable partner, and therefore must turn to her dog for satisfaction. Also implicit in the legend is the suggestion that the woman is a lesbian (hence the detail of her having a female roommate); the legend condemns this orientation by implying that women girl sex dog who reject men as sexual partners are merely "men-haters" who will accept anyone — or anything — else in their

In June 1994, the legend about the peanut butter dog suddenly popped up both on the Internet and in the print media, seemingly out of nowhere. Almost all the early versions girl sex dog reported as having occurred in Canada (particularly Ottawa), or being told by persons living in Canada. (Versions set in Ottawa usually describe the woman as a government employee, so perhaps resentment of civil servants was one element of this form.)

Its origins are older though. One of our readers heard it in Burbank, California in 1981. It was also in Lethbridge, Alberta, in 1987, in Michigan in 1986, and in Texas in the early 1980s. A non-dog 1984 version from Australia features a horse and lump sugar, with the action taking place down in the paddock.

Another reader girl sex dog recalls the legend being related in the late 1980s as a persistent rumor attached girl sex dog to a girl girl sex dog attending her high school in Cornwall, Ontario (a town only a short drive from Ottawa). In honor of these whispers, the girl was nicknamed "Skippy". Around the same time, stories about бижутерию guess a high girl sex dog school boy in Philadelphia caught with peanut butter on his penis awaiting the dog were all the rage.

Possibly girl sex dog the most unusual girl sex dog sighting comes from a woman who attended microbiology classes at the University of Chicago in 1980-81. Her teacher reported as a true story that a woman girl sex dog in South girl sex dog America had been infected with rabies from her own dog in the course of an encounter involving pineapple. The anecdote was supposed to demonstrate that actual bite wounds are not necessary for the saliva to be infectious.

An item of interest is an article which appeared in The Guardian a few months after this legend splashed onto the Internet in 1994. It was an interview with "Mr. Apology," a man in New York who ran a confessional service that people could call anonymously and confess to whatever was on their olkavastik minds. (The admissions were recorded on voice mail, and callers could listen to confessions left by others as well as leave their own.) Mr. Apology claimed that one of his recent additions — the Apology Pet Corner — had "received some unprintable admissions, involving dogs, cats, and a jar of smooth peanut butter."

This legend resurfaced in a reworked form in early 1999, this time attributed to a contestant on a Spanish "Candid Camera" type TV program: The Ricky Martin story was, of course, a crock.

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